About S.A. Platt and Platt Coilers

About S.A. Platt Coiler
It was over 65 years ago that Stephen A. Platt invented the world’s first automatic coiling machine. He had invented an electric popcorn machine, but needed a heating element to make it work. He traveled to Chicago in search of one, but had no luck. Returning home on the train, he sketched out the plans for his first coiling machine.

These first machines to coil resistance wire for the electrical heating and appliance field were built for Wilbur B. Driver and carried the Tophet label. In later years they were manufactured for the Driver-Harris Co. The machines now carry the S.A. Platt label, and have been refined by three generations.

S.A. Platt, Inc. is a family owned and operated business specializing in manufacturing a range of coil winders to meet the needs of the appliance and all other electrical manufacturers. Whether you produce elements for aquarium heaters, diesel engines, heat-treating ovens, kilns, small appliances, space heaters, hot water tanks, stoves or any other use, there’s a Platt Coiler that will meet your demanding requirements. We have built a reputation as coiling problem solvers, creating innovative solutions for the coiling industry’s toughest problems.

Quality coilers

Every Platt Coiler embodies the best in workmanship, pneumatics, electronics and electrical components at an affordable price. Your coiler, with proper care, will have a life expectancy of many, many years. Some coilers that we have built 30 years ago are still producing coils every day. Some of the Tophet Coilers built over 40 years ago are still in production. Our quality of workmanship stands the test of time. Contact us for all your coiling needs!