Platt Mini-Matic 4000 Coiler

When it comes to producing high-quality coils with operator friendly features, you have a pro on your side! It’s the Platt Mini-Matic 4000 Coiler! It features everything for fine wire coiling that you have been craving plus a whole lot more.

The Platt Mini-Matic 4000 is the result of our sixty-plus years coiling expertise and is the simplest, smallest, most sensitive, and nearly maintenance-free Coiler built. The Mini-Matic 4000 has a coiling range from 21 gauge to 40 gauge wire with coil O.D.’s ranging from .025″ and up. Coils of 1″ O.D. have been coiled! Contact us for coils under .025.

The Platt Mini-Matic 4000 is designed to produce top-quality single, twin, triple, space wound, and with proper setup, non-helical shaped coils from either pail packs or spools. Coils from ribbon / flat wire can be produced. It’s the versatility of a Platt Coiler that will give you the cutting edge!

Platt Quality
If it is high-quality, perfect heat pattern and superb ohmage-controlled coils with near 100% clean cuts that you need, then the Platt Coiler is the answer for you. This unsurpassed accuracy is achieved only on a Platt Coiler!

We begin with our patented no-slip Isolator Metering Wheel and 400 Pulse Encoder coupled to our PLC Touch Screen System to electronically measure the traveling wire in increments of as little as 1/16″ (1.5 mm) of straight wire. The ohmage you set is the ohmage you get – period. The PLC Touch Screen System features Jog-Run Mode to start a coil with ease and an automatic shut-off Batch Counter. Coil length can be changed without stopping the Coiler. This accuracy is further enhanced with the adjustable Roll Bodies to match the helix of any coil, and our patented adjustable air-indexing, fast -acting Air Cutter.

The Coiling Head features our Double-end Spindle designed for interchangeable 200 Series Collets that range from 3/64″ to 3/8″ for our precision ground Tungsten Carbide Arbor as small as .025″ (.65 mm) and up. With its three-step pulley, the Spindle provides speeds of 1725, 2500, 4075 approximate r.p.m.’s.

The Head features built-in synchronization between the Arbor and Work Rings. The motor drives the Spindle; whereas the Coil Roll Bodies are powered by 3 1/4″ Rubber Friction Drive Rolls coming in contact with the proper Drive Pins in the rear. The proper selection of Drive Pins on the rear of the Spindle synchronizes the speed between the Coiling Rolls and Arbor to reduce the work on the wire being coiled, therefore producing high-quality coils. Flexible Drive Cables attached to the Friction Drive Rolls and the Coiling Rolls allows you to adjust Roll Bodies to match the helix of any coil. The MM 4000 goes one step further – the Coiling Rolls can be adjusted independently in a horizontal plane. This feature is important in coiling certain wire and with some methods of coiling.

Platt Mini-Matic 4000 Specifications 
The MM 4000 is designed to meet your precision coiling requirements, and comes complete with the following features:

  • Motor
    120 or 240 volts,1/2 horsepower
  • PLC Touch Screen System
  • Digital Coil Length Control
  • Batch Counter – Four Digit
  • Isolator Unit (Metering Wheel)
  • 400 Pulse Encoder
  • One Spool Spindle
  • Twin Depailer Unit
  • Solution Tray
  • 200 Series Collet Spindle
    Collet range of 3/64″ to 3/8″
  • Three-Step Spindle up to 4075 approx. r.p.m.
  • Hardened & Ground Angling Roll Body Units
  • Full Set Drive Sleeves and Filler Rings
  • Safety Switches
  • Safety Guards
  • Indexing Air Cutter – 2 1/2″ Cylinder
  • 6′ hinged, air-operated Coil Collector Tray
  • Base Cabinet
  • Light and Magnifying Lens
  • Machine Tools
  • Instruction Manual and Parts Catalog
  • Platt Premium Service & Support
  • Tooling and Crating are Extra

Our engineers go out of their way to keep the Platt Coilers on the cutting edge of technology. You can bet if there is a more efficient way of coiling or a new method of coiling, S. A. Platt, Inc. will deliver it.

Now is the time to join the pros with the finest coiling machine and comprehensive knowledge available! Contact us for more information or to receive a quote for your coiling needs.