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Platt Coiler: The Leader in the Electric Coil Heating Industry Since 1953

PopcornIn the early 1950s our founder, Steven Platt, set out to create the world’s first automatic electric popcorn maker. Along the way he recognized a more significant opportunity in the heating component of his popcorn machine. By developing equipment to automate production of coiled heating elements, Platt laid the groundwork for the pioneering coiling products we offer today.

Inside every electric heating element is a metallic wire whose precise properties determine how much heat generation occurs. Platt’s popcorn prototypes needed the perfect temperature to operate safely and effectively. In the early days, Platt wound the wire by hand to achieve the appropriate resistance to run his machines without hazard or hitch. It soon became clear that manually winding wire was holding him back from scaling his business. Platt decided to remove manual operation from the equation entirely.

Platt began sketches for an automated wire coiling machine that would significantly accelerate production time. After using his invention to streamline his own operation, Platt saw an opportunity to pivot; he knew there would be a bigger market for heating coils than for popcorn makers.

By the late 1950s, Platt wasn’t the only coiler manufacturer in town. Fortunately for the growing company, the versatility of Platt Coilers would prove to be superior to the emergent competition. Platt Coilers allowed changing between wire gauges and setting new coiling parameters in a matter of minutes, and anyone could learn to operate and service them. Manufacturers would be able to produce coils for a range of applications with a single machine. Operators could adjust parameters on the fly, from the finest of wire to the heaviest of gauges; from ribbon to flat-wire and non-helical shaped coils.

Manufacturers on a global scale have benefited from automated wire coiling. All our machines are designed and built in the USA, and from our home in the Midwest we’ve been shipping automatic coilers around the world for decades. Our machines can be found on five continents, both on small factory floors as well in the plants of some of the industry’s biggest players. Some of our coilers have been in operation for more than four decades: a testament to our workmanship and engineering acumen.

The machines we manufacture today draw on the same operational principles that immediately made the first generation of Platt Coilers the industry standard. In those days, we built and serviced machines for Wilbur B. Driver under the Tophet label. In later years they were manufactured for Driver-Harris Company. Machines in recent years carry the S.A. Platt label. Today, if you buy one of our coilers, the name you’ll come to associate with our quality workmanship is Platt Coiler. So, whether you produce elements for aquarium heaters, diesel engines, heat-treating ovens, kilns, small appliances, space heaters, hot water tanks or kitchen stoves, Platt Coiler builds the coiling machines that meet your demanding requirements.

The company Steven Platt started in 1953 remained family-owned and operated for three generations. In 2020, Platt Coiler was purchased by Automated Industrial Motion, a spring coiler manufacturer from the same corner of West Michigan. Through the merger of Platt Coiler and AIM, we can offer superior expertise in design, production and service. Every new Platt Coiler will carry the same guarantee of quality workmanship and is now backed by AIM’s experienced engineering team. No matter the application, no matter the requirements, we make sure our coilers get the job done.

In his lifetime, Steven Platt would go on to be the proud holder of over 200 patents, but his coilers would prove to be his crowning invention. We aim to continue his tradition of fusing customer service with engineering excellence and continuous improvement. We are not just manufacturers: we are problem-solvers, crafting innovative solutions for the coiling industry’s toughest challenges.

Below, from left: Early Platt Coiler instructional blueprint; Early design for machine tag; Original S.A. Platt, Inc. logo; Current WM 3000 information plate

Platt coiler instructional blueprint
Early Platt Machine Tag
Platt Coiler original logo
Platt Coiler WM 3000 logo plate

Platt Coiler products

Platt Coiler - WM 3000 Coiling Machine


With Platt Coiler, you’re getting an automatic coiling machine backed by Platt Coiler’s unrivaled workmanship: our coilers are built to last, period. Throughout the coiler’s operational lifetime, you will have access to our Coiling Experts and Technical Support. Our customer relationships last as long as our machines: we stand by our coilers and our customers.

Our World Model 3000 leads the pack in mechanized coil winding with its ease-of-use and versatility. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never handled or heard of coiling before: the World Model 3000 is assembled to run on autopilot once parameters have been set. And for those who want to dive deeper on Platt Coilers to configure and operate them at their highest potential, we offer on-site training in machine operation and maintenance.

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Platt Coiler Coiling Head Assembly

Replacement Parts

Replacing parts worn down through normal operation is part of caring for a busy machine, and Platt Coilers are no different. Whenever you need a new part for repairs, reconfigurations or upgrades, and we provide a full catalog of parts to meet your every need.

Our user manuals provide detailed descriptions and diagrams that clearly explain and identify individual components, making it simple to find replacement parts. Once you know which part you need, browse our print catalog or visit our online shop to find a match.

about the electric coil heating industry

Electric Coil heating collage: closeup on heater coil, warming hands by heater, cooking element

Electric coils are the basic components of many heating appliances in both residential and industrial settings.

 Electric coils are a common type of heating element, and their job is to convert electricity to heat energy. By resisting electricity at appropriate levels, they shed electrical energy and give off heat as a byproduct. Coiling is an important characteristic of many heating elements because by twisting the wire into spirals, we can control the level of electrical resistance with near-perfect accuracy. This control characteristic allows engineers to carefully manage wattage and heat ranges inside a given appliance.

 Automatic coiling machines like Platt Coilers can be tooled to meet these very specific requirements. By controlling the variables such as wire thickness, coil diameter, and coil pitch, automatic coiling machines produce custom coil profiles for nearly any heating application across a wide range of industries.

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