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Platt Coiler Products: Trusted Coiling Machines for the Electric Heating Element Industry

Platt World Model 3000

The World Model 3000 is a time-tested solution for electric heating element coiling. Our flagship coiler is the product of more than 70 years of coiling experience, and offers a long list of modern, user-friendly features.

Operators use a PLC Touch Screen to precisely control the movement and measurement of wire through the system, Cutting is also programmed through the PLC, and the coil pattern your elements require is attained with each cut. Our automated system allows you to quickly manufacture heating elements without having to worry about the ohmage control of your coils.

The World Model 3000 is also known for its versatility. You’ll only need one coil winding machine because our WM 3000 can be scaled up and down to support widely differing wire gauges, outer diameters, and coil types. The WM 3000 takes wire gauges from 13 to 30. Coil outer diameters start at .050 in/0.127 cm and can be tooled all the way up to support outer diameters of up to 1.0 in/2.54 cm. And these can be single, twin, triple or space wound. Twin coils require only a few simple add-ons, and the WM 3000 comes with a twin depailer and spool spindle. The WM 3000 produces coils from both pail packs and spools, and can coil both ribbon/flat and standard resistance wire.

Out of the box, the WM 3000 can produce coil inner diameters up to 3/8 in/ .9525 cm We supply special adapters for coils with inner diameters up to 5/8 in/1.5875 cm, as well as any other special adapters you may need to produce the exact coil type required for your heating elements. To see what we mean by versatility, check out our full list of add-ons by downloading our spec sheet.


Replacement Coiler Parts

With proper care and attention, you can expect your Platt Coiler to last for decades. Normal component wear and tear is expected over the course of using your Platt Coiler, but proper care of your coiler will ensure it never slows down, and reasonable use within its design limits will ensure it never breaks down.

Your Platt Coiler User Manual provides detailed descriptions and diagrams that clearly explain and identify individual coiler components, making it simple to find the correct replacement part. Once you know which part you need, browse our print catalog or visit our online shop to find a match. You can generate a quote and place an order through email, or call us directly to confirm costs and place your order.

To minimize operational downtime, we ship almost all parts within 24hrs. We want to make sure you’re up and running again as soon as possible. The good news is that it won’t take you long to become accustomed to the inner workings of your coiler and know when a part needs to be replaced before it wears out.

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