World Model 3000

The World Model 3000 is a time-tested solution for electric heating element coiling. Our flagship coiler is the product of more than 60 years of coiling experience, and offers a long list of modern, user-friendly features.

Operators use a PLC Touch Screen to precisely control the movement and measurement of wire through the system, Cutting is also programmed through the PLC, and the coil pattern your elements require is attained with each cut. Our automated system allows you to quickly manufacture heating elements without having to worry about the ohmage control of your coils.

The World Model 3000 is also known for its versatility. You’ll only need one coil winding machine because our WM3000 can be scaled up and down to support widely differing wire gauges, outer diameters, and coil types.

We supply special adapters for coils with large diameters, as well as any other special adapters you may need to produce the exact coil type required for your heating elements.

Platt Coiler WM3000 Features

  • PLC Touch Screen
  • Wire Gauges from 13 to 30
  • Coil Out Diameters from .40 in. to 1.0 in.
  • Single, Twin, Triple or Space Wound Coils
  • Compatible with Pail Packs or Spools
  • Compatible with Ribbon or Standard Wire
  • Adaptable to Coil Inner Diameters up to 5/8 in. 
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